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Q) Do cremations take place at a funeral home?

A) The new “Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act” came into effect on July 1st, 2012.
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This allows that crematoriums may now be set up in areas other than cemeteries. The best way to know this answer is to ask your service provider where will the cremation service take place.

Q) Should I make arrangements with a funeral home or transfer service?

A) The choice is yours. Bear in mind that a funeral home is generally a long established business with the resources to work with multiple families at one time, if necessary.
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Funeral establishments meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of both the Ontario Funeral and Cemetery Professionals, and the Crematorium as well. Economically, funeral homes offer competitively priced arrangements while offering a wider range and higher standard of services to your family.

Q) Why choose the Innisvale Crematorium?

A) Innisvale is Ontario's second largest crematorium. Established in 1983, our technicians are experienced professionals certified by the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals.
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Innisvale exercises due diligence in both the clients we serve and the issues of occupational health and safety, labour codes, and the environment.

Innisvale Cemetery is a registered member of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce. We choose to use and support local businesses wherever possible, thereby ensuring revenue is channeled back to our local communities.

Innisvale is also a supporter of charities as we endeavor to assist families with their needs within our community (see our list of supported charities).

Q) Can a cremation be witnessed by the family?

A) Such arrangements can be made with your funeral home and are subject to the Crematoriums policies and conditions.

Q) What's new in the industry?

A) On July 1st, 2012, the cemeteries act changed. The new legislation allows crematoriums to be free standing (not on cemetery or funeral home properties).
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It also allows crematoriums, cemeteries and funeral establishments to all operate (under separate licences) from a single location.

For the consumer there may or may not be an advantage in arrangements with these 'visitation centres'. Fair market and competitive pricing might be better achieved by dealing with each entity separately. The new legislation now allows this choice to be left to the consumer.

For other important changes and how they may affect you the new act may be viewed online or you may contact the Cemeteries Regulations Unit for more information.

Q) Can I deal directly with the Crematorium?

A) The Innisvale Crematorium is not licenced for the transportation of deceased persons.
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This type of licencing is usually a part of funeral services. Your provider of transportation will also look after administrative needs such as obtaining a Death Certificate, Registration of Death, Coroner’s Certificate for Cremation, A Cremation Contract, and any such other administrative needs you may require.

Q) Do all local providers choose the Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium?

A) Most do, however there is no obligation for a transfer service or funeral home to choose Innisvale.It's good policy to ask your provider where the cremation will be performed.
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It is your right to request that your provider use Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium, if you so choose.

Q) What can you tell me about Innisvale's procedures and the cremation process?

A) From the moment a casket or container is received, the handling, care of, and identity of the deceased is treated with great care. Also...
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  • All caskets and containers are permanently marked for identification purposes.
  • All caskets and containers are received sealed and cremated as received. They are never opened.
  • A cremation number is assigned to each deceased and a corresponding, numbered metal disc is placed in the cremation chamber with each deceased person.
  • Caskets and containers are always cremated one at a time.
  • A cremation takes approximately 2 hours and reaches temperatures of between 1800 and 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. After cremation, the remains are processed, placed in a temporary container and returned to the funeral home
  • On average, cremated remains weigh about 4 to 6 pounds, with a volume of about 100 cubic inches.
  • Metals are recycled unless you instruct us to do otherwise. Proceeds if any, may be given to a charity of Innisvale's choosing.

Q) What more can you tell me about your cemetery?

A) Innisvale is developing and growing with our surrounding area, and we believe this cemetery will soon become the cemetery of choice for Barrie and the town of Innisfil.
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Our grounds are well maintained and continually being enhanced to better serve our community.
At the Innisvale Cemetery and Crematorium we offer:
  • Onsite monument sales
  • An open office with public facilities, open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm and Saturday, 9am to 3pm
  • Full traditional lots, cremation lots and wall niches
  • No vaults required
  • Irrigation convenience
  • Winter burials
  • Indoor glass front wall niches
  • Memorialization Program options (please inquire for pricing, terms, and details)

We have the only community mausoleums in Simcoe County, allowing for prestigious above ground burials North of Toronto, at affordable prices. As we continue to develop, we look forward to offering our community a premier cemetery of pride, beauty, choice and affordability.

Innisvale now offers the first Indoor Glass Front Wall niches in our area. These affordable niches will allow for the viewing of an urn with a momento and photograph, and environmental control in a comfortable atmosphere where you can “sit and stay awhile”.

Memorialization: Innisvale offers the ability for families to dedicate certain trees, gardens or benches in memory of a loved one. Please inquire for details of our Memorialization Program.

In recent years we have added over 350 new plantings, including some rather unique specimens. In 2011, Innisvale added two new wall niches as we continue with the implementation of our new Cemetery Master Plan.

For additional information, please visit us at 7551, 5th Sideroad, Innisfil, Ontario (beside Georgian Downs) or call 705-722-3121.

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