At Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium, we offer a serene and peaceful resting place for your loved one, with 24/7 access for your convenience. With 1m x 3m casket burial plots we provide the following option:

Adult Lots

Granite Headstone, Pillow Marker
or Flat Marker

$1475 - Lot
+ cost of monument or marker & tax

To give you peace of mind, your licensed funeral director will procure the required documents and make the necessary arrangements.

For multiple burials, our plots can hold 1 casket & 4 cremated remains, or 6 cremated remains. We offer side-by-side plots to honour those who wish to be buried with their spouse or loved one when the time comes.

We also offer a 2’ x 2’ cremation lot ($895+HST), with a 16” x 9” bronze marker ($950 +HST) or 16” x 10” granite marker ($950 +HST). These lots also have 24/7 access, are sectioned for cremation only and contain up to two cremated remains.

Winter Burial Fee additional $600 + HST.

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